supply chain management and logistics

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Cargo Solutions

We provide effective and efficient low-costshipping transportation
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International Marketing

We Provide export, licensing, franchising, joint venture,and foreign direct investment.
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Services offer

Market Plan

Determine the exact cost of insurance, transportation and warehousing services in the target market

Logistics Management

We control the efficient, effective flow and services, related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Risk Management

Manage Financial risk, Foreign Exchange Risk, Economic Risk, Political Risk and payments and obligations of the parties.

Obtaining licenses

Obtaining the necessary licenses and preparing the necessary documents throughout the negotiation process for the export of goods

Supply chain management

Business operations, Transportation and logistics, Management of Resources and Workflow of Information.

Shipping Types

We provide all three modes of shipping-land, air, and sea-play. The shipping process consists of receiving, processing, and fulfilling an order.

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Who we are

If you know about it, there are Sabze Gostar Selva (SGS) who can solve many of your financial and trading problems and improvement with Global Trading already think there. Literally, our international team have been showed that cooperation with "The World Trade in SGS is Safe, Growing and Professional"

  • Respecting and preserving the material and spiritual interests of the customers
  • Supply chain management and membership at specialized organizations
  • A strong trading partner with foreign companies at the international level

Together success in future

As its main mission, the SGS (Sabze Gostar Selva) Company, while respecting and preserving the material and spiritual interests of the customers, continuously analyzes and measures their satisfaction and tries to provide the needs of the market based on its expertise and experience in supplying goods with the highest quality standards, according to buyers’ requests at the international level. Among the top priorities of SGS (Sabze Gostar Selva) Commerce Group, the most basic goals of this company have been considered as adherence to professional ethics, respect for customers, maintaining quality and extant of competitive advantages in the prices of offered goods.

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